Day 4 of Cavemanish eating

Yesterday was day 4 of my month-long trial/experiment in eating like a caveman, with some slight modifications. See below for my menu from yesterday.


  • 2 eggs, fried on stove
  • chocolate protein shake with ground flax seed and a scoop of cashew nut butter

This was my first time ever with flax seed. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it. It tasted…strange. Not even sure how to describe it. Hopefully I’ll find some better ways to mix it in with foods, because it made my protein shake taste pretty weird.


I went to Chili’s at Triangle Town Center for lunch. Chili’s has a huge menu, so it wasn’t too challenging finding something I could eat. I got the Cobb salad with lettuce, bacon, chicken (was breaded/fried unfortunately), tomatoes, egg, bits of corn and beans and advocado ranch dressing. It was very tasty but not as good and I almost didn’t miss having cheese. Almost…

The salad was huge so I took a lot of it home in a box.


Dinner was leftover salad with some leftover sirloin steak from the night before. I also had some fruit (pineapple, honeydew melon, canelupe and grapes). Pretty healthy meal until…

Beer! I decided to have 3 beers last night over the course of the UNC-Rutgers football game. I’m dedicated to this diet for the next month, but not that dedicated I guess. We had friends over to watch the game and I just enjoy beer with friends and football. I don’t feel too bad about “cheating” like this.

Oh and just so you know, if I don’t mention what I’m drinking with my meals (except for the beer this time), it’s always been tap water.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday and has a nice weekend!


One Response to “Day 4 of Cavemanish eating”

  1. mark Says:

    this sounds incredibly gross:

    chocolate protein shake with ground flax seed and a scoop of cashew nut butter

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