Living Like a Hampster!

So we fought our way to the top of the food chain to live like – oh I don’t know – hamsters? -GeorgeJu

Some people may consider the caveman/paleo diet to be inferior, but I am giving it a shot to see how it is, how it makes me feel, etc. Here’s what I’ve had to eat so far today:


  • Glass of Orange Juice – Tropicana Not from Concentrate, some pulp (usually don’t really like pulp but decided to go home today to work, and that’s what my Dad drinks, so I had to make do)
  • One fried egg
  • One link of chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s – cooked on stove in olive oil
  • a few pieces of misc fruit (caneloupe, strawberries, honey dew melon)

I felt pretty full after eating all of this and didnt finish my last bite of chicken sausage.


  • Piece of thick-cut turkey from Trader Joe’s – tasted pretty boring without any seasoning at all
  • small package of cashews
  • piece of watermelon
  • some blueberries

Again, I was pretty full after eating this meal, and didn’t even feel like finishing all the turkey. I think this is probably because I haven’t worked out yet today–haven’t used much energy up yet, so haven’t needed to replace it.

So far, so good. I think for dinner I’ll have some type of salad and maybe some beef. Stay tuned for more hampster-ish meals, and if you have any ideas for easy/quick/healthy meals, let me know!


2 Responses to “Living Like a Hampster!”

  1. Doug Williams Says:

    Are you including Tofu in your diet?

  2. jason Says:

    No Tofu planned. Just don’t really like it very much or know how to cook it really. Might change if I get bored of existing food though.

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